Monday, June 27, 2011


Here I am, sulking deeper into unnecessary reasons, into the depths of the unknown and the fear of loneliness.
Life is just like that. People change. Acceptance is your key to sanity.
Things that seemed so important equates to scum after years has gone by.
The world grows old, it grows smaller but it grows bigger at the same time.
People you keep close to your heart has now been lost forever.
Priorities change, decisions change.
Regrets and fear grow larger by the minute, sucking the life out of you.
Now life has lost its meaning, but not really.
There are still those who you can hold on to.
But then again its your choice if you want to hold the hand that pulls you.
And then you realize its you all along.
Change is inevitable. You can only get the best out of it.
And then you'll know that today, what you do, will be your becoming.

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