Tuesday, July 30, 2013


"What", you whisper.

Blanketed by the rumbling noise, suddenly you cannot hear yourself anymore.

"How does it feel."

Awful. Like any other lonely season. Like a never-ending storm, doomed by the thunder, ready to take its course. It roars louder and louder, blocking every sound and every thought erupting from the depths of your mind. You feel the waters crashing down on you, raging with anger and fear. Icy cold and blunt, but nonetheless painful. You struggle to open your eyes, but its no use, you can only manage to squint and see the blurriness of it all. You close your eyes once more, and you feel every strike, every chill, every feeling of it. You scream, at the verge of tears, but only in your mind. The surge of the chilling water washing your whole being. You have to get away.

"How do you feel now."

Take a last glance. And then see it clearly. Of how majestic it was where you have been. Now everything made sense.

To look back, at this time, would always be good.