Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's April friggin' twelve and days passed on unnoticed, with everyday pulling itself one by one automatically. Meaningless, or not, I guess.

My days turned into nights and today, at 9:07 AM in the evening, I can't seem to put myself to sleep as words keep on spilling out, brimming over lightheaded dreams and tired eyes.

I've never been this inspired for the longest of days, times, months, years, hundreds of walks and millions of spitted out words.

Seeing life through another's set of mouth and glistening, wrinkled, experienced eyes before has given me a rush I almost forgotten.

You must always remember, you are never alone. In the sense of how the universe conspires every bit of dust surrounding the whole unknown galaxies before--to go towards something,
that something you might not figure out yet,
But something.
Something similar.

Never forget, Kat.
Write, always.