Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To you who reads this:

The church might feel otherwise but for me, life will end to everyone either way.

They say love is liberating, but it also binds you, to do good or to do bad, to decide what's worth taking the risk or when to decide to stay inside comforting walls.

Personally, I know I am not strong enough for this. And no one can tell anyone that they are.
This probably looks as if it's my last will, but I'm not actually willing anything for anyone.

I've taken risks before, I braved things for the sake of doing myself the greatest good. I failed. And I'm scared as shit to feel that same mistake again. I realized, self pursuit will always be meaningless.

And for you who is impatient. I'm sorry. Because I know how hard it is to wait. But I must do this because my patience has also worn thin to completely empty.

I've ventured the unknown and questioned everyday for the meaning of existence. I found it. But I didn't know it has its anchor. I am pulled, oh boy, how I am going deep.