Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The cold December wind brushes through my cheeks as we travel along on a rainy morning...

Scared. Ecstatic. Confused. Unsure. Different feelings rush through me as fast as the wind itself. I know, i have not done everything that i should have. But its too late; there is no turning back. 
My chest feels heavy, my stomach full of butterflies and i feel a bit nauseated. All i can hold on to is my instincts, memory, and prayers while holding a string with 60 beads on it. And then it started...

These 5 pieces of paper will determine if the path that i have chosen has chosen me as well...

Months after:

Sometimes you forget, but you know it just lingers there.. not going anywhere..
You cannot do anything but wait, and hope for the best.. and that is the hardest part of it..
Anxiety kills you every morning, preventing you to get up.. But you know you cannot stop it from coming..
I prayed so hard not to get what i want, but for acceptance of the coming truth..
HUMILITY or STRENGTH.. Its all im praying for..


its time...

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