Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Life, it can consume you with its unpredictability.
Things you know for a very long time can change slowly you cannot notice even the slightest difference.
Or maybe so you try to ignore that change and then suddenly you realize its not what it used to be.
Life is an ever-changing race towards an end you cannot barely see, and sometimes you even question its existence
Everyday is a constant battle between what you think is right and what you think is not.
What you think is significant and what is not worth anything.
A battle between standards built by men and your self-worth that you have established yourself.
Everyday is a struggle to achieve that clarity.
But between all of these, we can get lost and confused.
Trying to find that faint light of hope amid all of this madness.
Finding our way out, if there is a way out, or if we are already there, then where are we anyway?

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