Wednesday, February 20, 2013

lightning (2)

Staring blankly out the window,you wonder when will it stop.
You close your eyes and you hear the heavy downpour on the roof.
One cannot have too much rain,
It's cool but it turns you cold.
It leaves you wrinkled,
Turns you low.
You open your eyes.
Its gloom makes you bitter.
Dark clouds, lonely streets.
No one can get used to this.

But I pondered on deeply,
And gave me comfort to know,
That there would always be daylight ahead of me.
It'll embrace me,
It will keep me warm,
It will bring me comfort.
But for now I am content.
You are my sun.
And I will be waiting...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ill tempered

Like a shaken soda bottle, it is kept inside of you, and you would not dare to open it. You wouldn't want to make a mess of yourself, or to anyone else.