Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not the same.

Where have I been all this time.
Questions unanswered, built up fantasies remain as old as the dust in an attic book.
A year has passed, and then again a year will be coming.
Where am I?
They say the loudest of voice comes only when there is silence.
I have stayed long enough from it. And the deafening silence lurks still.
Where am I?
I heard a whisper, turned my sight to where it came from. Nothing I can see.
Chills run down my spine.
Maybe its just me, and maybe its not.
Where am I?
Same place, same feeling, different time.

Lost, remains the same, but its not the same.

Friday, August 12, 2011


A sudden gush of wind howls as a sign of warning.
It goes unnoticed, for they have been used to it.
They prepare themselves without thinking, it has been like this for very long now.
Lightning strikes.
I walked fast towards nowhere, to escape the fate that will soon befall me.
People pass by, their faces a blur.
No one will know. No one will ever know.
I walked towards a path I am not familliar with, but my feet kept dragging me.
To look back won't do me any good.
And as I look up, i was expecting to see signs of a clear sky.
I was wrong but I was happy.
It started raining, and it was pouring hard.
But i was not soaking.
I am safe. Inside your arms.