Tuesday, May 29, 2012

best of the best.

It wasn't that special when I first met you. It was a very ordinary day actually. Little did I know that it would be the thing that I would be most thankful for. The last 6 years with you were remembered by:

Camping, sleep overs, nights under the stars, gazing in awe when we see landscapes that I've shared and appreciated only with you, food trips (and lots of them!), going home late, swimming, cutting classes, eating in class, stress, depression, countless times of troubles (you know this pretty well beh), LOVE, HEARTACHES, learning, growing, with our hearts bursting with wonder, enthusiasm for life, and of course being there for each other.

And now, as we are growing older, we learn to stand up on our own two feet. Growing apart, yes, we have grown differently for the past year, and it was very hard for me, for us. But you know what beh? No matter how far apart we may be, or we may not talk for a very long time, but I am certain that what we have won't ever change :)

What we have exceeds friendship, that only we can understand. I am glad to share this with you beh. <3 Happy happy birthday beh and I love you so much!

happy birthday my soul sister <3

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