Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Reading a thought catalog article while devouring a piece of chicken legs in the dark, daughter's youth playing in the background, it came to me.
Typing this with my oil-stained, meat-smelling fingers, tears welling up on the corners of my eyes, my mouth parched dry, I still don't want to accept that fact, but it is too much to ignore.
It hurts to admit this, forcing myself for a long time now that its not what it seems to be.
But its not.
This time its not.
Everything I've felt is true. And now I am lost.


  1. hmmm, you seem to be going through a tough time but whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon.

    : )

    1. thank you but i think it will take some time for me to be okay. hehe i thought no one reads my blog. >,< noob here.

    2. alright. take your time and you don't have to rush yourself, anyway.

      I always like to blog hop and always find myself commenting on every blog I come across.

      Have a good day.

      : )

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